Flame Retardant Linen

Flame Retardant Linen

We stock a full range of fire retardant linen products in white, deep and pastel colours, including: Bedlinen, duvets, pillows, blankets, and mattress protectors. We can offer made to measure curtains in various designs and fabrics on request.

Our Flame Retardant bedding is made from 100% polyester and conforms to the following British Standards for fire retardancy: BS5867; Part2: 1980 Type C. BS7175; 1989. Ignition sources 0,1,5 & 7. BS5815; part 3: 1991.

Care instructions for flame retardant linen

Laundry Sorting.

White and coloured linen should be washed separately. Do not mix cottons with F.R. polyesters as migration of cotton fibres can adversely affect flame retardancy.


Do not overload the washing machine as best results are achieved with a 70% loading by weight compared with cotton products.

To reduce the surface soiling an initial wash using non-ionic detergents at 40º c for 8-12 minutes is recommended. Do not use washing powder containing OBA’s as these can mask the colours and make them appear faded. To meet NHS requirements for thermal disinfection the wash cycle must incorporate a disinfection cycle in which the temperature must be maintained at 65ºc for no less than 10 minutes or preferably 71ºc for at least 3 minutes. Stain removal can be affected by using Hydrogen peroxide or Sodium Perborate in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not use Sodium Hypochlorate bleaches.

Rinse thoroughly but try to avoid crash cooling when temperatures are above 60ºc, as this can cause excessive creasing.

Drying and finishing

Do not overload the tumble drier. A short tumble dry at low heat will suffice; do not over dry as this can cause static. Ideally, calender immediately after drying with the fabric still damp. Best results are achieved by adjusting calender temperatures, pressures and speeds such that the temperature of the fabric does not exceed 120ºc.